Dylan Wallace

(‚úČ [email protected]; github at @dwLG00)

I'm a guy interested in math and computers and generally other cool stuff like that.

I'm currently a freshman math major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'm currently working as an Engineering Intern for X, the Everything App. If you need my resume, you can use the one here.

My interests tend to change like the seasons, but my current interests include Lie Groups and Representation Theory among other things. Here's a slide deck from a talk I gave recently!

I started writing up tidbits of ideas and projects I've been working on, which you can read here.

You can find notes that I've written up here. You can also find a book list of books I've been reading lately here.

I sometimes work on projects. You might be able to find them here. You can also find my full contact info and profile links here.

Lastly, here is where I keep a list of websites, resources, and articles that I've encountered and want to keep track of. Also check out argot for a list of links my friends and I have assembled!

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